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How do I use eCampus?

After logging into eCampus, your current online courses will be displayed in your 'Course List'. Click on the course you wish to access and it will display a home page with a 'Course Tools' menu and a 'My Tools' menu on the left side of the page. On this home page you will see anything from a welcome message from your instructor to course description and additional links related to your course.

These two 'Course Tools' and 'My Tools' menus are where you will find all the tools you need for your online course. You will use these tools to view and submit assignments, communicate and participate in group activities and discussions, take online assessments and tests, view grades or progress, and much more.

To get back to your main home page to view the list of all of your online courses, simply click on the 'My WVU eCampus' link at the top right of the page.

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Communications - Chat, Discussion, Mail

How can I use eCampus features to communicate with instructors and students?

ECampus offers several different options to communicate with instructors or students within your online course. All of the following tools may be found in your 'Course Tools' menu.

Chat - The 'Chat' tool allows you to communicate in real time with all of the students or with a selected student currently logged into the online course. The 'Chat' tool also offers a 'Whiteboard' to draw objects, enter text, or import images that can be viewed in real time by all users. Your instructor has the option to create chat rooms, Whiteboard rooms, or combined chat and Whiteboard rooms. Your instructor will provide instructions for using the Whiteboard (if applicable).

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Discussion - The 'Discussion' tool allows you to discuss course topics with your instructor and other students in the course. It is similar to a message board in which topics may be posted by your instructor and other students. You may post messages to these topics and receive replies from other students. If working collaboratively on a project, you may use this tool to discuss ideas with other members in your group. You may also create a printable view of messages that can be printed or downloaded. Your instructor may also use the 'Discussion' tool for an assignment in which you may receive a grade based on your participation in a discussion topic.

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Mail - The 'Mail' tool allows you communicate with other students and instructors within the course through written correspondence and file attachments, similar to e-mail. With mail messages, you can read messages, reply to messages, forward messages, create and send messages, mark messages as read or unread, forward messages to external accounts, and delete messages.

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How do I access my course assignments on eCampus?

You may use the 'Assignments' tool in your 'Course Tools' menu to view, complete, submit, and publish assignments. Each assignment has a due date. Your instructor may allow you to submit an assignment after the due date, but it will be marked as late. Otherwise, assignments not received by the due date will be marked as missed.

The 'Assignments' area is divided into the following sectons: 'Inbox', 'Submitted', 'Graded', and 'Published'. The 'Inbox' tab contains new assignments or submissions returned to you for editing. The 'Submitted' tab contains your submissions and any assignments for which you have missed the cutoff date. The 'Graded' tab contains submissions reviewed by the instructor. The 'Published' tab contains submissions that you or the instructor have published so that all members of the course may view them.

To complete an assignment, you can enter text on the assignment screen or attach files. You are given instructions on whether to complete the assignment by yourself or to collaborate with a group of students.

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How do I access assessments, tests, exams, and quizzes on eCampus?

The 'Assessment' tool is used to deliver online tests on course content. This is where your instructor will post assessments, tests, exams, and quizzes. An assessment can contain any of the following question types: fill in the blank or short answer, paragraph/essay, multiple choice, matching or jumbled sentence, or true/false.

When beginning an assessment, it may appear in a pop-up window. (A pop-up window is a seperate and usually smaller browser window or box that appears or "pops up" on your screen while still leaving your original internet browser window open.) If your browser does not allow the pop-up to appear, you will need to change your settings to allow pop-ups on the eCampus website. Most browsers will alert you if the pop-up is blocked once you click on a link that tries to "pop up".

Once your assessment appears, you may select your answer and click on 'Save Answer' after each question. Each question's 'Question Status' will appear as 'Answered' or 'Checked' for each answer you have saved. Once you have completed the assessment, you may click on 'Finish'. Any unanswered questions will be listed in a confirmation message. To go back and answer any of these questions, you may click on 'Cancel' to go back and finish your assessment. Click 'OK' once you have finished and a second confirmation will appear in which you may choose to submit your completed assessment.

If you have begun an assessment and have chosen not to complete it, you will be able to complete it until the allotted time for the assessment expires. The times on assessments can vary, so make sure to read the instructions given by the course instructor so that you are aware of how much time you have to complete your assessment.

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Additional Guides & Videos

Where can I find additional guides and videos like the ones linked on this page?

WVU eCampus offers student training and support.  You can access these both by clicking on the 'Student' and 'Support' tabs located at the top of the eCampus home page.  However, we have put together a list of all the step-by-step instructional guides and videos for you.  Click the link below to get to the list!

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