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Computer Requirements

What kind of computer, software, and programs do I need?

No specific software system or program is needed to use eCampus. All you really need is a computer that has an internet browser and has internet access. However, the speed of your computer and the amount of memory are both important. A PC with a minimum of 65 megabytes (MB) RAM (Mac equivalent would be OS 9.1 or higher) is important. Additional hardware such as a CD-ROM, sound card (with speakers or headphones) and color monitor may be required for some courses. Check each course syllabus for any specific computer and software requirements.


What internet requirements are necessary for eCampus?

You will need the internet for eCampus, as you would in order to participate in any online activity. We suggest a minimum of a 28.8 Kbps internet connection, however, a 56Kbps or broadband connection (cable modem or DSL) may provide more satisfactory results. The better connection you have, the faster your webpages and activities will proceed. Your actual connection speed is determined by your computer's location, the speed your connection is supposed to be, and the access plan purchased from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). We encourage all students to obtain their internet access through a provider that offers a reliable connection to the internet.

The computer labs on campus also offer a reliable internet connection for all users.

Web Browsers

How do I access eCampus when I am using my computer?

In order to interact on the internet, you will need a web browser. This is a program that will allow you to view websites and participate in other online activities. Web browsers, like other types of software, are continuously upgraded to fix known program issues and/or give you new features. You will find accessing most courses through eCampus is much easier with a current version of a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox/Mozilla, or Safari.  (Internet Explorer is often already installed on most PCs, while Safari is often on most Mac computers.)

Quick Downloads for Common Applications

Where can I find the programs and plug-ins that I need for my online courses?

Some of your courses may require you to download and install additional software and/or plug-ins. Plug-ins and viewers are software programs that extend the capabilities of your internet browser or computer in certain ways. For example, a plug-in may give you the ability to play audio or view movies within your internet browser. Viewers may allow you to view documents from a program that you do not have installed on your computer. 

Listed below are common software programs, plug-ins, and viewers that may be required for an online course. Many of these may already be installed on your computer. The links below will allow you to install or download the latest version of each program.

(Note: it is often recommended that you restart your computer after installing any of these programs.)

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